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Born out of a need to connect international manufacturers to the Southern African market, MARINE CONNECT has quickly grown into the trusted broker for global partnerships in the line of Superyachting, Boatbuilding, and Watersports.

This is largely due to the rock-solid reputation, experience and expertise of the owner, Warren Harvey.

Warren’s 25 years in various roles within the Marine Industry have earned him trusted long-term relationships with key players, as well as intimate knowledge of the industry’s inner workings.

His expert advice and international market power is instantly accessible to you, our valued customer, when you partner with MARINE CONNECT.

Sales and Marketing

We save you time, money and risk while increasing sales results. What could be simpler?

Whether you’re a new contender breaking into the industry, or an established brand aiming for greater market penetration, MARINE CONNECT has the knowledge and network to boost your efforts.

Consider MARINE CONNECT your Sales and Marketing department, creating and maintaining a direct link to the buyers of your products and services in the global marketplace. All benefit, no risk.

What do we offer you?

Professional Sales Representation: we appoint a dedicated Account Manager who will become an expert on your brand, products and services. They will represent your business within our established network of serious buyers.

Strategic Planning: we develop and execute a bespoke Marketing and Sales strategy in line with your business objectives.

Targeted Selling: our skills, experience and relationships will be focused on growing your business within targeted sectors of the Marine Industry, including Superyachting, Events, Global Partnerships and Retail.

Measurable Results Monitoring: we will keep you informed and excited with detailed updates on:

- Sales activity
- Leads generated
- Sales pipeline progress
- Consumer feedback
- Competitor activity

You pay only on delivery of results so your success is our success.


We simplify your sourcing, purchasing and accounting process, becoming a ‘one point’ connection for all your procurement needs.

Consider the fact that each supplier has their own specific system of quotes, orders, invoicing and delivery. These admin minefields cost your business valuable resources.

Let MARINE CONNECT take on these challenges and streamline all your suppliers into one manageable point of contact.

What does this mean for your business?

Professional Service: your dedicated Account Manager will consult with you to understand your buying requirements, timelines and project deliverables. Harnessing our long-term relationships and subsequent buying power, we will secure the best trade deals possible for you.

One Point Payment: we offer a more efficient payment process with single point invoicing.

Flexibility: we take on the upfront financial risk of each transaction, giving you flexible payment terms with low risk. We also tailor your support package to suit your ordering requirements, whether one-off or ongoing.

More about Warren Harvey

When it comes to the global Marine Industry, one name is synonymous with integrity and unparalleled experience – Warren Harvey.

From the age of 5, Warren’s passion for the ocean has propelled him towards a long and fruitful career in the field of yachting and marine business.

With 38 years of competitive sailing experience (including 3 World Championships representing South Africa), Warren has unique insight into every aspect of the Marine Industry and is ideally positioned to represent his clients there.

His 25-years in this arena have equipped him with acumen across the spectrum of the industry. His career has included the following roles (inter alia):

- Sales and Marketing Executive
- International Yacht Broker
- Customer Relationship Manager
- Superyacht Captain

With this holistic skillset at his disposal, Warren brings a rich knowledge and a strong network of international key business relationships to his client base. In essence, he “speaks the language of your customers”.

When you choose to partner with MARINE CONNECT, you partner with Warren Harvey and enjoy the significant benefits of his dedication to the Marine Industry on an international scale.

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